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Thursday 08 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

Inflammation in DME - new insights

F. Behar-Cohen Switzerland

OCT Angiography, useful in clinical practice?

U. Chakravarthy UK

Should systemic safety be considered in the management of DME patients?

YES: U. Chakravarthy UK

NO: A. Loewenstein Israel

The ARTES study

P. Udaondo Spain

Outcomes of management of DME in real life

Y.H. Yoon Korea

Location: Auditorium A2

New Endeavours in DME Managment

Moderator(s): A. Loewenstein Israel

Friday 09 September | 10:00 - 11:00

Morning Symposium

T. Langmann Germany

The dual action of aflibercept

A. Ambresin Switzerland

Unravelling the role of cytokines in retinal disease

P. Kaiser USA

The action of aflibercept on retinal disease

Location: Auditorium A2

Aflibercept Mode of Action: Exploring the Effect of Anti-VEGFs on Retinal Disease

Moderator(s): F. Behar-Cohen Switzerland

J-F. Korobelnik France


S. Nghiem-Buffet France

What does Cirrus AngioPlex change in my practice today

G. Staurenghi Italy


F. Holz Germany

New insights in macular diseases

G. Querques Italy

OCT angiography in quiescent choroidal neovascularization

S. Wolf Switzerland

How OCT angiography can change the management in diabetic retinopathy

R. Tadayoni France

OCT angiography today and in the future for MacTel and other rare retinal vascular diseases

J-F. Korobelnik France


Location: Auditorium 10

How OCT Angiography is Changing Retina Care Today and in the Future

Moderator(s): J-F. Korobelnik France

Friday 09 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

J-F. Korobelnik France

The importance of vision gains: a patient perspective

A. Loewenstein Israel

Outcomes of comparative clinical trials

S. Michels Switzerland

Study results with aflibercept across retinal diseases

J-F. Korobelnik France

Translating clinical trial outcomes to real life

Location: Auditorium A2

Anti-VEGF Outcomes in Retinal Diseases

Moderator(s): J-F. Korobelnik France

N. Eter Germany

Development with an eye on design

A. Koh Singapore

Delivering performance in choroidal neovascularization

P. Schlottmann Argentina

Delivering performance in macular edema

F. Boscia Italy

Redefining retinal disease management through data

Location: Auditorium C6

Transforming Retinal Diseases: The Design. The Decade. The Difference.

Moderator(s): A. Koh Singapore

F. Holz Germany

Welcome and Introduction

N. Bressler USA

Beyond visual acuity: patient-centred outcome measures for geographic atrophy (GA) in age-related macular degeneration

U. Chakravarthy UK

Functional impact of GA: insights into the natural history of GA from electronic care records

G. Staurenghi Italy

Assessment of disease severity in GA

F. Holz Germany

Pathophysiology and progression of GA

Concluding Remarks


Location: Auditorium 15

Geographic Atrophy: The Patient Perspective

Moderator(s): F. Holz Germany

G. Staurenghi Italy

S. Schmitz-Valckenberg Germany

S. Sadda USA

Location: Auditorium A3

Multimodal Imaging of Geographic Atrophy

Moderator(s): M. Long UK

C. Glittenberg Austria

Principles of swept source OCT angiography

G. Anastassiou Germany

OCT angiography in severe maculopathy

M. Moussa Egypt

OCT angiography in clinical practice: vascular disorders & retinal dystrophies

F. Coscas France

Swept source OCT-A and choroidal neovascularization

Location: Auditorium 11

The Clinical Advantages of Swept Source OCT Angiography

Moderator(s): C. Glittenberg Austria

S. Sadda USA

New technology developments in ultra-widefield retinal imaging

A. Joussen Germany

Case Discussion I: peripheral vasoproliferative tumours, FEVR and other rare diseases

A. Gurbaxani United Arab Emirates

Case Discussion II: clinical applications of ultra-widefield autofluorescence imaging

J. García Arumí Spain

Case Discussion III: PVR management in retinal detachment

P. Stanga UK

Case Discussion IV: multimodal imaging using OCTA and ultra-widefield fluorescence angiography

Location: Auditorium 10

Change the Management of your Patients with Ultra-Widefield Imaging

Moderator(s): P. Stanga UK

E. Souied France

OCT angiography for diagnosis and management of CNV in exudative AMD

S. Rizzo Italy

OCT angiography in vitreoretinal interface disorders

N. Luft Austria

Clinical evaluation of a novel technique for quantifying ocular blood flow

Location: Hall C2

New Frontiers in Retinal Blood Flow Analysis and OCT Angiography

Moderator(s): E. Midena Italy

F. Bandello Italy


R. Tadayoni France

Do clinical trials predict real life results?

F. Koch Germany

IRISS study: 12 months' results with focus on vitrectomised patients

F. Quhill UK

ILUVIEN real word data; case experience from clinical practice

F. Bandello Italy

Conclusion and Q&A

Location: Auditorium 12

Continuous Microdosing with Intravitreal Corticosteroids: A Real-World Perspective in Patients with Chronic DME

Moderator(s): F. Bandello Italy

Saturday 10 September | 10:00 - 11:00

Morning Symposium

A. Romani Brazil

Angio OCT in clinical practice

B. Kuppermann USA

Why is inflammation important in DME?

M. de Smet Switzerland

Phenotypes and biomarkers in retina disease

L. Kodjikian France

The Reldex study 3 year follow up of Ozurdex in real life

B. Corcostegui Spain

Experience from use of ODX in real life

Location: Auditorium 15

Recent Advances in Management of Macular Edema

Moderator(s): B. Corcostegui Spain M. de Smet Switzerland

R. Tadayoni France

Principles in 3D vision science

S. Rizzo Italy

J. Nadal Spain

M. Mura Saudi Arabia

Current Capabilities and Benefits of NGENUITY® DAVS platform

- High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology

- High magnification with improved field of view

- Enhanced visualization through video

chromatography and digitally enhanced illumination

- Improved ergonomics for the Surgeon

- An educational platform for teaching institutes

Panel Discussion

Location: Auditorium C6

Vitreoretinal Surgery in 3D: Improving Visualization and more

Moderator(s): R. Tadayoni France

K. High USA

History of AAV-mediated gene therapy for genetic disease

B. Leroy Belgium

Clinical development of voretigene neparvovec

S. Russell USA

Surgical aspects of administration of voretigene neparvovec RPE65 gene replacement

Location: Auditorium 10

Gene Therapy for RPE65-Mediated Inherited Retinal Dystrophy – History and Current State

Saturday 10 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

U. Chakravarthy UK

Unmet medical need

R. Tadayoni France

Extension: improving outcomes with anti-VEGFs

P. Dugel USA

Expansion: new pathways

F. Holz Germany

Exploration: new horizons in ophthalmology

Location: Auditorium C6

The Need for Continuous Innovation in Retinal Care

Moderator(s): U. Chakravarthy UK

P. Lanzetta Italy

The principles of an ideal treatment regimen

P. Patel UK

Treat-and-extend with anti-VEGFs: data from clinical trials and the real world

J. Arnold Australia

P. Lanzetta Italy

P. Patel UK

C. Creuzot-Garcher France

Panel discussion: the role and implementation of a treat-and-extend regimen in the clinic

Location: Hall C1

Retinal Disease Management: Evolution of a Proactive Anti-VEGF Treatment Regimen

Moderator(s): J. Arnold Australia

G. Shah USA

27G: principles and current applications

F. Pavlidis Germany

Learning curve of 27G PPV

G. Pertile Italy

27G vitrectomy in proliferative diabetic retinopathy: pros and cons

R. Henderson UK

Novel designs in paediatric VR instrumentation

Location: Auditorium 11

Making Small Gauge Surgery a Reality

Moderator(s): P. Stalmans Belgium

V. Chong UK

Laser or anti-VEGF injections?

G. Staurenghi Italy

How to laser better in 2016?

S. Fauser Germany

V. Chong UK

Micropulse laser therapy

J.P. Hubschman USA

Future of retinal laser therapy

Location: Auditorium 12

Does Retinal Laser Therapy Still Make Sense in 2016?

Moderator(s): V. Chong UK

P. Stanga UK

Future prospects of visual prostheses in age related macular degeneration

E. Özmert Turkey

Endoscope-assisted Argus II epiretinal prosthesis implantation

J. Nadal Spain

Surgical technique keys

E. Kahtani Saudi Arabia

Argus II retinal prosthesis: KKESH experience, the center of highest volume procedure performed in the middle east

F. Patelli Italy

Sight recovery project for Argus II implanted patients affected by retinitis pigmentosa

Location: Room B1

10 Years of Experience, 200 Argus® II patients: Focus on Five Selected

S. Rizzo Italy S. Binder Austria

G. Garhofer Austria

Interest of early screening for AMD prevention

C. Delcourt France

S.T.A.R.S.: a validated score to screen patients at risk of AMD

K. Kaarniranta Finland

Resveratrol in the prevention of the second eye - Resveratrol and regulation of autophagy

D. Delmas France

Resveratrol in the prevention of the second eye - Resveratrol and omega-3: a synergetic action in AMD

A. Garcia Layana Spain

New evidence on vitamin D & visual function

I. Aknin France

Is there vitamin D deficiency in AMD patients?

Location: Auditorium 10

New Advances in Nutrition and Eye Health

J. Seddon USA A. Leys Belgium

K. Mansouri Switzerland

Latest innovation in glaucoma lasers: PSLT

M. Vlasić Croatia

Laser in treatment of DME in anti-VEGF era

P. Lanzetta Italy

Pascal synthesis & endpoint management in treatment of DME

Location: Room B2

PASCAL® Synthesis™ Treating Patients from Retina to Glaucoma

Moderator(s): M. Larsen Denmark

C. Awh USA

A full platform is coming your way

P. Stanga UK

Latest experience and results with hypersonic technology

M. Romano Italy

From radiant energy to mechanical energy: the best of synergetics and Bausch + Lomb

Location: Room B10

The Future of Retina Technology is Approaching

Moderator(s): Y. Le Mer France

A. Mercanti Italy

Micro-invasive combined surgery with Oertli OS4®

C. Pruente Switzerland

The next step forward on the Oertli OS4® platform

A. Wolf Germany

Insights on light in vitrectomy with Oertli OS4®

L. Karabas Turkey

Challenging vitrectomies with Oertli OS4®

Location: Room B8

Latest Updates in Modern Vitreoretinal Surgeries with the Oertli OS4®

Moderator(s): A. Gandorfer Germany