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Thursday 08 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

Location: Auditorium A2

Allergan Satellite Meeting

Friday 09 September | 10:00 - 11:00

Morning Symposium

The dual action of aflibercept

Unravelling the role of cytokines in retinal disease

The action of aflibercept on retinal disease

Location: Auditorium A2

Aflibercept Mode of Action: Exploring the Effect of Anti-VEGFs on Retinal Disease

Location: Auditorium 10

ZEISS Satellite Symposium

Friday 09 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

The importance of vision gains: a patient perspective

Outcomes of comparative clinical trials

Study results with aflibercept across retinal diseases

Translating clinical trial outcomes to real life

Location: Auditorium A2

Anti-VEGF Outcomes in Retinal Diseases

N. Eter Germany

Development with an eye on design

A. Koh Singapore

Delivering the promise of performance in choroidal neovascularization

P. Schlottmann Argentina

Delivering the promise of performance in macular edema

F. Boscia Italy

Redefining retinal disease management through data

Location: Auditorium C6

Transforming Retinal Diseases: The Design. The Decade. The Difference.

Moderator: A. Koh Singapore

F. Holz Germany

Welcome and Introduction

N. Bressler USA

Beyond visual acuity: patient-centred outcome measures for GA

U. Chakravarthy UK

Functional impact of GA: insights into the natural history of GA from electronic care records

G. Staurenghi Italy

Assessment of disease severity in GA

F. Holz Germany

Pathophysiology and progression of GA

Concluding Remarks

Location: Auditorium 15

Geographic Atrophy: The Patient Perspective

Moderator: F. Holz Germany

Location: Auditorium A3

Heidelberg Engineering Satellite Meeting

Location: Auditorium 11

The Clinical Advantages of Swept Source OCT Angiography

Location: Auditorium 10

Optos Satellite Meeting

E. Souied France

S. Rizzo Italy

N. Luft Austria

Location: Hall C2

Nidek Satellite Meeting

Moderator: E. Midena Italy

Location: Auditorium 12

Alimera Satellite Meeting

Saturday 10 September | 10:00 - 11:00

Morning Symposium

Location: Auditorium C6

Alcon Satellite Meeting

Location: Auditorium 15

Allergan Satellite Meeting

Location: Auditorium 10

Gene Therapy for RPE65-Mediated Inherited Retinal Dystrophy – History and Current State

Saturday 10 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

U. Chakravarthy UK

Unmet medical need

R. Tadayoni France

Extension: improving outcomes with anti-VEGFs

P. Dugel USA

Expansion: new pathways

F. Holz Germany

Exploration: new horizons in ophthalmology

Location: Auditorium C6

The Need for Continuous Innovation in Retinal Care: Challenge Accepted

Moderator: U. Chakravarthy UK

The principles of the ideal treatment regimen

Treat-and-extend with anti-VEGFs: data from clinical trials and the real world

Panel discussion: the role and implementation of a T&E regimen in the clinic

Location: Hall C1

Retinal Disease Management: Evolution of a Proactive Anti-VEGF Treatment Regimen

Location: Auditorium 11

DORC Satellite Meeting

V. Chong UK

Laser or Anti-VEGF injections?

G. Staurenghi Italy

How to laser better in 2016?

S. Fauser Germany

V. Chong UK

Micropulse laser therapy

J.P. Hubschman USA

Future of retinal laser therapy

Location: Auditorium 12

Does Retinal Laser Therapy Still Make Sense in 2016?

Moderator: V. Chong UK

Location: Room B1

SecondSight Medical Products Satellite Meeting

Location: Auditorium 10

New Advances in Nutrition and Eye Health

Moderator: J. Seddon USA A. Leys Belgium

Location: Room B2

PASCAL® Synthesis™ Treating Patients from Retina to Glaucoma

C. Awh USA

A full platform is coming your way

P. Stanga UK

Latest experience and results with hypersonic technology

M. Romano Italy

From radiant energy to mechanical energy: the best of synergetics and Bausch + Lomb

Location: Room B10

The Future of Retina Technology is Approaching

Moderator: Y. Le Mer France

Location: Room B8

Latest Updates in Modern Vitreoretinal Surgeries with the Oertli OS4®