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Thursday 07 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

Location: Room 111

Recent Advances in the Management of Retinal Disease

A. Loewenstein Israel U. Chakravarthy UK

F. Behar-Cohen Switzerland

Inflammation beyond the surface

Y.H. Yoon Korea

OCT biomarkers, can we identify responders vs non-responders

U. Chakravarthy UK

The UK EMR study of DME: a test model for outcomes in real life

A. Loewenstein Israel

Management of DME – clinical studies vs real life outcomes

D. Zur Israel

“The International Retina Group Project” a multicentre study

P. Udaondo Spain

Ozurdex® (dexamethasone) in clinical practice

Location: Room 113

Swept Source OCT & Angiography: Clinical Advances and Applications

L. Arias Spain

L. Arias Spain

Clinical decisions for the management of wet AMD patients based on multimodal imaging without dye injection

A. Adan Spain

Utility of Swept Source OCT angio and OCT en-face for the management of posterior uveitis

G. Anastassiou Germany

Choroidal tumors with Swept Source OCT

J. Ruiz-Moreno Spain

Atrophy AMD quantification: accuracy of the automatic measurement of the area and perimeter

Location: Room 114

Retinal Imaging – Pushing the Limits


AngioPlex OCT-A

Widefield and ultrafidefield imaging

Multi – modal retinal imaging

Friday 08 September | 10:00 - 11:00

Morning Symposium

Location: Room 111

Aflibercept: Innovative Data and Emerging Evidence

Moderator(s): M.S. Figueroa Spain

Friday 08 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

Location: Room 116

Continuous Microdosing with ILUVIEN®: Real-world Optimisation of the Treatment of Chronic DME

H. Hoerauf Germany B. Corcóstegui Spain

  • H. Hoerauf Germany
  • The evolution of clinical management of DME. What can ILUVIEN offer?

  • A. Loewenstein Israel
  • Consider the alternative? It is not all about anti-VEGF

  • F. Goñi Spain
  • Steroids and safety. How big is the elephant in the room?

  • B. Pessoa Portugal
  • Clinical experience and insights with ILUVIEN

  • B. Corcóstegui Spain
  • Implications for clinical practice. Summary and Q&A

Location: Room 113

High-end Imaging Today

C. Mody UK

E. Souied France

Multimodal imaging of fibrosis

T. Peto UK

Why MultiColor SLO imaging is a must-have

G. Staurenghi Italy

How to read OCTA images

R. Gallego-Pinazo Spain

OCTA live cases

Location: Room 114

Utilising Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging - Clinical Applications and Practice Efficiency

P. Stanga UK

P. Stanga UK

Ultra-widefield imaging in the diagnosis and management of paediatric retinal diseases

E. Souied France

Using true ultra-widefield imaging for evaluating sickle cell retinopathy

A. Joussen Germany

Peripheral retinal ischaemia

S. Sivaprasad UK

Measure of non-perfusion on ultra-widefield imaging

S. Sadda USA

Re-engineering the classification & staging of diabetic retinopathy:implications from ultra-widefield imaging

Location: Room 115

New Views on the Retina with Multimodal Imaging: Correlating Structure, Function and Retinal Sensitivity

S. Rizzo Italy

R. Abreu-Gonzalez Spain

RS-3000 OCT and wide field OCT-A image

D. Bacherini Italy

Integrated evaluation of vitreoretinal interface disorders: OCT angiography + microperimetry

M. Nagpal India

Going deeper and wider with OCT angiography

Location: Room 118

Nutrition & AMD: From Diagnosis to Treatment

A. Garcia Layana Spain A.M. Minnella Italy

Location: Room 111

Real World Evidence: Considerations for the Ophthalmologist

T.Y. Wong Singapore

Location: Room 117

Managing Retinal Diseases with Ranibizumab: New Evidence

Moderator(s): J. Monés Spain

Saturday 09 September | 10:00 - 11:00

Morning Symposium

Location: Room 111

Advanced Technologies Designed to See More and Do More


Location: Forum Auditorium

Advances in DME Treatment

A. Loewenstein Israel

Location: Room 117

New Perspectives in DME Management

B. Kuppermann USA M. de Smet Switzerland

J. Zarranz-Ventura Spain

OCTA in DME – now and beyond now

R. Raman India

Cytokines in DR and DME

M. de Smet Switzerland

Predicting retina disease

B. Kuppermann USA

M. Gillies Australia

Debate: early intervention with corticosteroids in DME? Yes/No

L. Kodjikian France

Ozurdex® (dexamethasone) in real life

Location: Room 118

IRIDEX MicroPulse Laser in DME: from Bench to Bedside

Moderator(s): S. Vujosevic ITALY

Saturday 09 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunchtime Symposium

Location: Room 117

Impact of Geographic Atrophy: Enhancing Our Understanding of the Disease

J. Monés Spain

J. Monés Spain

Welcome and introduction

R. Tadayoni France

Diagnostic paradigms of geographic atrophy

N. Bressler USA

Measuring disease-specific functional outcomes

F. Holz Germany

Geographic atrophy: a progressive disease

U. Chakravarthy UK

Characterizing disease burden using real-world data


Location: Room 120

A New Chapter in Retina Surgery with Bausch + Lomb

S. Rizzo Italy

M. Amon Austria

The Stellaris® PC - latest illumination and laser technology

I. Jürgens Spain

Experience with the Stellaris® PC in combined surgery

C. Awh USA

The next chapter for the Stellaris® platform - introducing the hypersonic vitrectomy technology

P. Stanga UK

First clinical experience in human eyes with the hypersonic vitrectomy device

Location: Room 111

Ranibizumab for nAMD: New Evidence to Improve Patient Care

M.S. Figueroa Spain

Location: Room 118

Can Innovation in Small Gauge Surgery Enhance Patient Outcomes Without Compromising Surgeon Control?

P. Stalmans Belgium

M. Romano Italy

Why fluidics should influence your choice of vitrectome?

M. Vecchi Italy

Can you rely on your VR machine in complicated cases?

M. Ruiz Spain

Why is PFCL safety paramount?